New Release!!! "As You Were 1995 to 2010"

I have a new release exclusively for download through the website. It's called "As You Were 1995 to 2010". It is a collection of songs culled from various projects between the years 1995 to 2010.  From my days fronted the band "flak"  to recordings I did with the TK Major for the "Rocket Fuel Logic" CD to recordings made with Ed Heavener during the Haymaker days. Brings back lots of great memories working with a bunch of wonderfully talented folks. can download the title track "As You Were" for FREE!!!!!

Mike Jacoby Studio Album - the Great "NorthEastSouthWest"

Singer-songwriter Mike Jacoby releases new album "NorthEastSouthWest." 11 fantastic songs - written and performed by the greatest singer/songwriter you've probably never heard of....hehe. Mastered by the Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer Gavin Lurssen. Buy the CD now.

No Depression: The Everlasting Mike Jacoby and His Big 5-0

No Depression magazine interviews Mike about his first solo release:


Random Musings from Mike Jacoby

The Land of Promo! 

Hi all,

Well, the "NorthSouthEastWest' roll out is beginning...with the fantastic Kim Grant at KG Music Press sending the cd off to various outlets around the world.
I'll be posting any and all reviews here on the check back in sometime.

Hello ALL!!!! 

And a Happy 2016 to ya'll! 

I've got some great things coming for the upcoming year....starting with the release of my new CD 


Keep cruising back here every once in a while for exciting updates....they'll be some great show announcements in the near future. 


Happy Birthday Rubber Soul 

Hi all,

Many many facebook postings today celebrating the release of the Beatles "Rubber Soul" 50 years ago today!

So Happy Birthday Rubber Soul!!!

One could celebrate by playing the Beatles song "Birthday" at this point, however that song is from the White album....3 years away.
But..what the what you like...haha

A December update 

Hi all,

Just a quick new CD "NorthEastSouthWest" is currently in production over at discmakers....I'm looking forward to receiving the proofs of the cover design.
Once I sign off on that - poof, they started spitting them out.
1000 of them....should be over here at JacobyCentral by the end of the month.


What's new on this Halloween 2015??? 

Well, Well, Well....what's new in the world of mike jacoby music on this Day of Halloween, you ask?

Let me tell ya!

The new CD "NorthEastSouthWest" just came back from the Master of Mastering...the great Gavin Lurssen! Mr. Lurssen is a two time Grammy award winning Mastering Engineer so the songs were in good hands....

And it sounds fantastic!!!!
I can't wait to have you all hear it....

Now I'm working on getting this fantastic CD manufactured.....they should be all done by (at most) the end of the year....probably much sooner.
Official release in early 2016.

Hi ya'll!!! 

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my website. I'll be updating this regularly....hopefully.

Send an email and say hello....

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