New Release!!! "As You Were 1995 to 2010"

I have a new release exclusively for download through the website. It's called "As You Were 1995 to 2010". It is a collection of songs culled from various projects between the years 1995 to 2010.  From my days fronted the band "flak"  to recordings I did with the TK Major for the "Rocket Fuel Logic" CD to recordings made with Ed Heavener during the Haymaker days. Brings back lots of great memories working with a bunch of wonderfully talented folks. can download the title track "As You Were" for FREE!!!!!

Mike Jacoby Studio Album - the Great "NorthEastSouthWest"

Singer-songwriter Mike Jacoby releases new album "NorthEastSouthWest." 11 fantastic songs - written and performed by the greatest singer/songwriter you've probably never heard of....hehe. Mastered by the Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer Gavin Lurssen. Buy the CD now.

No Depression: The Everlasting Mike Jacoby and His Big 5-0

No Depression magazine interviews Mike about his first solo release:


Random Musings from Mike Jacoby


Yup, I'll be shooting a video for "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)" in a few weeks. Hope to have it up and running by December 1st!!!!

Counting on ya'll to make it go viral - as the kidz say!

As if....hahahaha

Long Beach Calling!!! 

Hi all,

Well, I've been hard at work on the new CD coming your way in February 2019. It's called "Long Beach Calling" and will feature 11 brand spanking new songs!!! CD will include the title track "Long Beach Calling" an homage to the lovely town I call home; my very first Xmas Song - but not like any Xmas song you've ever heard - "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)" well as the usual collection of wonderful, sharp, rocking Americana tunes...

love, mike

As You Were 

Hi all!

I posted some new music on the in the sense that I posted them today. The songs in question are a bunch of old favorites from various past recording sessions from approximately 1995 to 2010. You can download the song "As You Were" for free!!!

Got some summer shows lined up with more to come....

New Time for Sunday 

Hi all!!!

I'm playing the 4th Street Vine this Sunday...and I'm going on the in the coveted 4 to 7pm slot!!!

You wouldn't want to miss it by an hour, would you?

I'll be playing some new tunes from the upcoming disc I've been working on....

Don't miss it!!!



Super Bowl Sunday 

While all of you are getting ready for the BIG GAME!!!....I was out in Huntington Beach running the Surf City Half Marathon this am. Ran a 2:01:46....which I'm pretty happy with.

And suddenly, i have alot more free time on my hands....stepping up work on the CD! (and stepping up work on some other stuff too...for those out there that care about such things).



So here it is 2018....

What's coming down?

New CD this year....

New shows!!!

Who knows what else....

Drop us a line sometime....

love, mike

Happy Holidays! 

Hope everyone is gearing up for the upcoming Xmas Season!!! 

We're hard at work putting together the new CD....should be out by the Summer!!!

Have a great end of 2017 all you folks out there!

love, mike

Hi All! 

My my's been awhile. I've been well, thanks....and you????

As Summer turns into fall....I'm still immersed in the process of making my next CD.

It's going very well - I think ya'll will love the tunes!

More details to follow...

Tonight, I'm going up to the Orpheam Theater to see Jason Isbell....I've loved his singing and songwriting ever since he joined Drive-By Truckers back in the "Decoration Day" days.....

I've updated the upcoming shows...hope to see each and every one of you at each and every show!!!

Drop me a line sometimes..... :)

Love, Mike


Hi All! 

Here we are in May of 2017....I have a few Summer shows lined up so pop on over to the shows page and take a look.

Still hard at work on my 3rd Disc!!! I'll update all of youse at some point....



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