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11 Great New Songs on one dynamite CD!

1) Long Beach Calling

2) Here And Now

3) Pine Box

4) Your Love Song

5) Just In Case

6) Know Right Away

7) Smile

8) Hangers (A Christmas Tale)

9) BBQ Pit

10) Play Like Richards

11) Long Live The King

and there's even a bonus song, y'all!!!!!


Hi all.....I'm happy to announce the new video for my song "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)"!!

It's on my YouTube channel as well. Please share and share and share...and like and like and like. I sure would appreciate it.

Many, many thanks to my director David Johnston; the wonderful Angela Francis who played the part of the "Sweet, Sweet Girl"; our invaluable production assistant Kim Kaplan and our hair and makeup artist Genevieve Williams.

Just cruise on over to the Video section already, will ya!!!!



"Hangers (A Christmas Tale)" is OUT!!!!

I bring you a brand new song - "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)"!!!

The song will be included on my upcoming CD "Long Beach Calling"; which will be released sometime in early 2019 - God willing and the Creek don't rise. But since it's a Christmas song - I thought I'd share it with all of you. Just in time for the Holidays!!!

Just cruise on over to the tab that says "Music". You can then either a) play it (repeatedly) or b)  you can download it FREE (and then play it repeatedly!!!)

I never figured I'd write a Christmas song....but ya know, inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes events just bash ya on the head and....Voila, a song appears!

And that's not all.....there will be a "Hangers"  music video coming out in the next few weeks (assuming this ugly mug of mine didn't dissolve the camera lens).

Hope you like it! Drop me a line of feedback, will youse???

love, mike

New Release!!! "As You Were 1995 to 2010"

I have a new release exclusively for download through the website. It's called "As You Were 1995 to 2010". It is a collection of songs culled from various projects between the years 1995 to 2010.  From my days fronted the band "flak"  to recordings I did with the TK Major for the "Rocket Fuel Logic" CD to recordings made with Ed Heavener during the Haymaker days. Brings back lots of great memories working with a bunch of wonderfully talented folks. can download the title track "As You Were" for FREE!!!!!

Mike Jacoby Studio Album - the Great "NorthEastSouthWest"

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