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No Depression Review (Jude Warne):

“Hey – I’m just sittin’ here,” Mike Jacoby snarl-sings in “Nevermind Me,” one of the I’ve-had-enough songs on his recently released album NorthEastSouthWest.  Over the course of the record’s eleven countrified-rock tracks, Jacoby consistently defines a well-articulated personal creed.  Lyrically, the creed is a confident one that seems to denounce and resist the attempted interferences of the album’s cast of supporting characters.  Characters who feel that they know what the songs’ narrator wants better than he does, characters who want to run his life for him.  Consider the aforementioned track “Nevermind Me,” in which the narrator is picked on by everyone from his girl to his employer for merely showing up, for merely being himself.  Consider too “What’s That Got to Do With Me,” in which the narrator is surrounded by three minutes’ worth of fact-lyrics that a theoretical chick or pal is hurling at him, fact-lyrics which point out various injustices and overly-prideful personal accomplishments the narrator does not care to hear.  NorthEastSouthWest presents a musical narrative persona who seems to be done with taking orders, done with being on the receiving end of other people’s personal smalltime games.  This persona’s brand of clarity presumably comes from truly knowing himself, from knowing what he will or will not tolerate.  As a seasoned singer-songwriter Jacoby has earned this clarity and deserves to showcase it as he does in NorthEastSouthWest.

A founding member of reliable alt-country band Haymaker, and based in Long Beach, California, Mike Jacoby has released NorthEastSouthWest as the follow-up to 2013’s The Big 5-0, his breakaway solo effort.  On the latest album, Jacoby has written, played every instrument on, and arranged, produced, and engineered all eleven tracks.  Musically, the record’s creed is a multi-dimensional, well-informed, and beautifully crafted one that incorporates a myriad of genre elements and tonal colors.  Jacoby’s always-impressive guitar prowess seems to have been taken up a technical notch or two since The Big 5-0, manifesting this time as a virtuosic ability to play any and every riff and chord sequence imaginable.  “Talk a Good Game” wonderfully utilizes a complicated Latin-inspired guitar lick, while “Hell if I Know” issues forth spookily moody banjo work.  Certain tracks – “Lay of the Land” to name one - draw on the best elements of fun college rock with energetic whirls of party-inducing guitarring.  “Where She Goes” is the album’s standout upbeat song, a narratively intriguing number that also manages to convincingly create a 90’s rock radio-worthy aural landscape.  The slower and more introspective “Lie in Bed” may be the best example of Jacoby’s songwriting on the record, with lyrics that are at once economic and resonant with emotional lushness.  If comparisons to other artists must be made, they would surely include wry songsmith Todd Snider, Wilco on their A.M. record, Steve Earle during his Transcendental Blues period, or The Rolling Stones during one of Mick Jagger’s twangier moods.

NorthEastSouthWest provides for an easy and enjoyable countrified rock listening experience that simultaneously formulates a mature and confident artist’s statement.  A statement reminding the listener - as the characters in the noteworthy track “Explaining to Do” are reminded – that to feel most alive, a person has to define his own terms and live by them truthfully, according to his own individual dogma.  The best albums are born from this place and Mike Jacoby’s NorthEastSouthWest is no different."


Lonesome Highway (Paul McGee):

Jacoby is based in Long Beach California and has released his second solo album which takes the title from his birth place in the NorthEast and his current abode in the SouthWest. The album is a self- produced project and Jacoby plays all the instruments on the eleven self-penned songs included here.

 He writes in an American-ish vein, with opening tracks Ready When You Are and Nevermind Me setting the tone with strong beats and a rhythm that sweeps along with attitude. He is clearly a musical talent and his ability to deliver this project single-handed has to be admired and applauded.

There is a country feel to Explaining to Do with its’ swing and swagger and Lay of the Land has a radio friendly groove that will appeal to many. Lie in Bed is a strong track that slows everything down before the driving beat of Where She Goes recalls early 1950s rockabilly.

Americana UK Review:

A solo album is definitely a solo album when the musician plays, arranges, records and releases the album all on his lonesome. So it is with California based Mike Jacoby (a member of Long Beach band Haymaker) who some time ago got a hold of some software for his computer and took it from there. NORTHEASTSOUTHWEST is his second such album and is so called as he grew up in the North East USA and now resides in the South West, get it? Anyway, NORTHEASTSOUTHWEST is a collection of 11 songs that show Jacoby as a fairly fine songwriter and certainly a dab hand as a one man band. Sure, there are a few moments here when keyboards and percussion aren't exactly tied to the song (as on "Hell If I Know") but overall he can whip up a storm or travel down a dusty road as well as any four or five piece.

The album opens with "Ready When You Are", a song that has some similarities to John "Cougar" Mellencamp's Jack and Diane and throughout the album there are whiffs of the eighties. "Anyone's Guess" visits Lloyd Cole bedsit land and "Where She Goes" is a revved up power pop number. There's some Stonesy type raunch on "Nevermind" and "What's That Got To Do With Me" but Jacoby is most successful when he heads into country rock territory. "Explaining To Do" zips along with some verve and some fine slide guitar that reminds the listener of George Harrison's work on The Traveling Wilburys while "Lay Of The Land" with its harmonica led intro is quite uplifting

From the Long Beach Grunion Gazette:

When it comes to describing himself as an artist, Long Beach’s Mike Jacoby said he is simply a serious Americana singer and songwriter.

The importance of the 54-year-old’s music is evident through his history and his newest album “Northeastsouthwest.” Jacoby said the album drew inspiration from music icons such as The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Old 97s.

“I really wanted the sound of a loud acoustic guitar on this album,” Jacoby said.

The Americana songwriter has his roots in Rochester, New York. There, he was a part of several Americana and country bands. He then moved to California in 1988 to begin another musical career.

For 10 years, he performed and recorded with Long Beach’s Haymaker. Along with the band performing at several Long Beach venues, they created three albums. Outside of the band, Jacoby recoded two solo albums.

In order to promote his latest solo album, Jacoby has several performances scheduled in Long Beach.

The next performance will take place from 8 to 11 p.m. this Friday, May 6, at Brix on the Shore.

On his website at www.mikejacobymusic.com, he said the acoustic solo session will feature not only some his original work, but some cover songs as well. Jacoby is well familiar with the venue.

“The Brix is small, intimate and has a nice vibe to it,” Jacoby said.

If guests miss the performance this Friday night, Jacoby said he will have two more solo acoustic performances this month.

First, there’s a show at 7 p.m. May 19 at the Willmore Wine Bar, 3848 Atlantic Ave. After that, he will be at Fourth Street Vine, 2142 E. Fourth St. at 8 p.m. May 31.

Jacoby said he plans to start a new band and create new songs for another solo album, which he hopes to complete by next year.

Outside of music, Jacoby considers himself an avid runner. Jacoby competed his first OC Half Marathon on May 1. When asked if he trained for the event during a phone interview on Tuesday, Jacoby said he always runs so he doesn’t consider it training.

“A half is a good distance, but it is also challenging,” Jacoby said. “Not like a full marathon that just beats you up.”

At 54 years of age, most artists would consider themselves too old for the music business. But Jacoby said he is proud to be “ancient.” After all, not many can say they write and perform songs for a living and run marathons on the side for fun.

For more information on tour dates or to listen to Jacoby’s songs from his latest album, visit www.mikejacobymusic.com.

From Music Morsels:
Mike Jacoby – NorthEastSouthWest
Born on one coast and now living on the other, Mike Jacoby draws influences more from the heartland and the south. Organic and folksy at times, and in your face rocking at others, this is a delectable blend of various tendrils of Americana. From the rocking “Nevermind Me” to the rollicking country blues of “Explaining To Do” and the sweet folk ballad “Lie In Bed,” Mike is quite talented in creating comfortingly intriguing music.


Music News Nashville (by Robert Kinsler):

Perhaps because he hails from the Northeast part of the nation and now lives in the Southwest, singer-songwriter Mike Jacoby’s brand of Americana defies easy comparisons with his influences or contemporaries. But his aptly-titled “NorthEastSouthWest” provides a joyful listen filled with melodic songs inspired by first-hand experiences, his lyrics delivered with an authenticity and surrounded by artful and affecting musical textures.

The disc features all kinds of infectious and accessible tracks including the uptempo Rolling Stones worthy “Nevermind Me,” country blues “Hell If I Know,” and the beautiful acoustic guitar layered “Anyone’s Guess.” Information: MikeJacobyMusic.com.



ALBUM REVIEW: "Northeastsouthwest" 



Ex-local boy Mike Jacoby does good with his second album, an 11-song extravaganza, "Northeastsouthwest." As he explains it, Jacoby grew up in the Northeast and now resides in the Southwest. And as the metaphorical title alludes, the album comes at the listener from all sides and doesn't let up.

More than merely of the singer-songwriter ilk, Jacoby explains he was looking for the "Sound of an acoustic guitar banging away at a raucous house party." Dude ... mission accomplished. The Long Beach, California-based artist swings seamlessly between the haunting hush of the solo acoustic artist and the righteous rush of the rock 'n' roller. "Northeastsouthwest" opens steady and acoustically leaning with the song "Ready When You Are" before kicking into a relentless four-on-the-floor stomp on "Nevermind Me," only to be followed by a creepy pluck and strum on the somewhat off-putting "Hell if I Know." This treacherous trio of cuts helps set the tone for the power punch of the remaining eight tracks full of beer-and-a-shot barroom rock 'n' roll, Americana, and roots-rock. It calls to mind artists like Soul Asylum, Ryan Adams — while he was in Whiskey Town — and even Paul Westerberg.

And that all makes sense considering the fact Jacoby was a founding member of Los Angeles roots-rock band Haymaker. When the band discontinued making hay (three albums worth), Jacoby continued solo, recording his first LP, "The Big 5-0," entirely on his laptop. On "Northeastsouthwest," he wrote all the tracks, played all the instruments, produced, and engineered everything. Technological minimalism and wizardry aside, it's Jacoby's clever narrative woven throughout, full of wry humor, exasperation, resolve, and deprecation, that really holds your attention long after the music has set the hook.

From AltCountry website:

North East South West (house) is the second solo album by Mick Jacoby. Solo we should take literally. Jacoby did everything himself. We also know him from Haymaker (see review Now Now Now). North East South West he based loosely on his crossing of the Northeast to the Southwest. He now lives in Long Beach, California, where he recorded this album full sided roots rock. Nevermind Me is a nice number Stones jacket. As is the case Talk A Good Game, also could include the legendary band Redwing. If something seems then, I can not fail to mention that. Look it after. Todd Snider itself Jacoby cites as one of his examples. His influence comes through on a song like Hell If I Know. Punchy, poppy, yet not too precise. On a song like Lie In Bed however, he is rather lazy than tired. Where She Goes is good again energized in the best rockabilly tradition.
NorthEastSouthWest (eigen beheer) is de tweede soloplaat van Mike Jacoby. Solo dienen we hier letterlijk te nemen. Jacoby deed alles zelf. We kennen hem ook van Haymaker (zie recensie Now Now Now). NorthEastSouthWest baseerde hij losjes op zijn oversteek van het noordoosten van Amerika naar het zuidwesten. Hij woont nu in Long Beach, Californië, waar hij ook deze plaat vol opgeruimde rootsrock opnam. Nevermind Me is een lekker nummer in Stones-jasje. Net als op Talk A Good Game het geval is, valt ook te denken aan de legendarische band Redwing. Als iets daarop lijkt, kan ik het niet nalaten om dat te melden. Zoek het maar na. Zelf noemt Jacoby Todd Snider als een van zijn voorbeelden. Diens invloed komt door op een liedje als Hell If I Know. Pittig, poppy en toch ook niet al te precies. Op een liedje als Lie In Bed is hij echter liever lui dan moe. Where She Goes is dan weer lekker energiek in de beste rockabillytraditie.

From Liverpool Sound and Vision:

Mike Jacoby, NorthEastSouthWest. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

All points on the compass eventually find a way home if you search long enough. All directions are possible in between if the search is pure and fruitful, it is how you enjoy the journey that truly is the main consideration.

Middle age is a direction on the compass that perhaps gets overlooked with anguish when you are younger, it is almost revelled within though once you get there; for the desperation of youthful desire is replaced with the contentment of achieving balance once the world has decided you are no longer a threat. The trouble is with the world’s attitude is that the creative streak in us all is ripe for revolution and anarchy and even if it is just to bow out in eventual swagger and have the glint in the eye relish the challenge then humanity will always win out.

The peaks on the compass hide the extent of scope available to all but those who see beyond the four Cardinal points, and in Mike Jacoby’s second solo release NorthEastSouthWest, the peaks gather and mould themselves into a piece of music that enjoy the position of responsibility created by the popular Los Angeles based musician.

As with all things in life, the album is about reaction and effect, the sweetness in finding something you offer, no matter how small, is enjoyed and allows the fallout to be spread evenly across the possible fan base. It is the point of principal that the story must be told, that being humble in any type of adversity or privilege is commendable and to be admired and the 11 songs that make up NorthEastSouthWest are indeed to be seen as commendable and overwhelmingly humble.

It is the comedy within the reflection that grabs the attention throughout, the sense of occasion in which absurdity is to be held up as a prime example of what makes humanity tick, especially in relationships and in songs such as Talk A Good Game, Nevermind Me, Shovels and Rope and Lie In Bed, the style of the performer comes across with enthusiasm and forthright consistency; it is the gathering of humble thoughts and openness that allows the blunt edge of humanity’s illogical presence on Earth to be seen as a happy accident in which we should revel.

NorthEastSouthWest shows that Middle Age brings its own desires, sometimes scratching the surface of it allows a certain humour to shine through the darkness.


Keys and Chords (Belgium):

Jacoby was born in the Northeast and currently resides in the Southwest, which explains the title of this album. Jacoby has a fondness for classic rock & roll. A love which he combines with Americana in a different way. Jacoby himself plays mainly acoustic guitar and after seeing the cover photo you soon inclined to label him as an acoustic singer / songwriter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jacoby knows how to integrate the sound of the acoustic guitar masterfully in an electric band. And say a quiet electric oneman band because Jacoby plays all the instruments. Opener "Ready When You Are 'is a classic Americana Song, but Mike can no longer keep in check the rock and roll devil. "Nervermind Me 'is therefore a logical consequence, what Mike even talking about doing with' What's That Got To Do With Me?" And "Where She Goes." A somewhat lesser dose of rock and roll, we find also in "Explaining To Do ', while the harmonica intro to" Lay Of The Land "the song delivers an attractive folk touch. Mike's talent comes to the six strings in a convincing way to the surface in the acoustic 'Anyone's Guess. "
Mike Jacoby is 'Northeast South West' on the right track and it would not surprise me if his next album still difficult to ignore.