About Mike Jacoby and the New Album "NorthEastSouthWest"

Mike Jacoby is a Long Beach-based singer-songwriter who’s been performing on the scene for years. Armed with an undying love for rock ‘n‘ roll music and a multi-faceted musical talent that stems from an appreciation and propagation of quality songwriting. 

That’s the most important part because the song always comes first. With a love for music born in classic rock ‘n‘ roll, his writing today leans toward the Americana and alt-country veins. 

His music reflects a stellar knowledge of and appreciation for his own and society’s collective music history, while simultaneously issuing forth a completely new perspective. 

Jacoby’s immense guitar talent makes for an ideal platform from which to compose songs in a bit of a traditional singer-songwriter method.  Subject-wise, most are derived from personal experience and inspiration, while a few are more narratively based and showcase Jacoby’s talent in composing the story-song.

A few years ago, he put out his first solo CD “The Big 5-0” -  a 10 song collection of great songs featuring his unique blend of thoughtful lyrics, memorable melodies and rock and roll drive.

He’s back now with a brand new CD “NorthEastSouthWest” – another fantastic collection of songs. All done by his humble lonesome – all the songs, all the parts, all the arrangements, all the everything.