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It's been awhile...hope everyone is well and staying safe and healthy and happy.

The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio (MJET) new CD is coming LATER THIS YEAR!!!

More announcements soon...


Hello April 2020 

Hi all y'all....

As we are in depths of the covid crisis, I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. Not to mention sane...

I've posted the new video for "Long Beach Calling"  - just cruise on over to the Videos section.

Noone really knows what the immediate gig future is at this moment - except to say there are no immediate gigs. The MJ Electric Trio is scheduled for a Grand Ole Echo show on June 28th but......fingers crossed.

Other than that, hard at work on the next disc....more music.

Stay tuned,

love and kisses, mike

Into October 2019 ya'll!!!! 

Hi all!

Well, here we are in October of 2019. Check out the shows section and you'll see two new events coming up with more to be added.

The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio (MJ, Don Read on bass and Mike Levin on drums) just played stellar shows at DiPiazzas and the Pike a few weeks ago. We're up and running with another Pike Show in December. Keep watching for more show updates in the coming weeks.


It looks like a new video will be coming along by Xmas - "Long Beach Calling" video is in the planning stages. Keep watching this site!!!

September 2019 

Hi all,

There are lots of upcoming shows to check out - so keep up to date and put em on your calendars - you can find them under the "Shows" section

There are some great new reviews coming in for "Long Beach Calling" - check em out at the "Reviews" section


Long Beach Calling - Reviews coming in!!! 

Hi all,

So the big news is that my new disc "Long Beach Calling" will be out officially on August 2, 2019. (truth be told, it's already "out" on cdbaby right now).

I'm working with Publicist Extraordinaire Kim Grant of KG Music Press to get the word out....and the first reviews are coming in. Cruise over to the review section and take a peek. 

There will also be some upcoming news on the radio promotion front next month...I'll keep you posted.

love, mike

Christmas 2018 

Hi all!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas....good cheer and good friends and good vibes! 

Drop a line!

love, mike


Yup, I'll be shooting a video for "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)" in a few weeks. Hope to have it up and running by December 1st!!!!

Counting on ya'll to make it go viral - as the kidz say!

As if....hahahaha

Long Beach Calling!!! 

Hi all,

Well, I've been hard at work on the new CD coming your way in February 2019. It's called "Long Beach Calling" and will feature 11 brand spanking new songs!!! CD will include the title track "Long Beach Calling" an homage to the lovely town I call home; my very first Xmas Song - but not like any Xmas song you've ever heard - "Hangers (A Christmas Tale)"....as well as the usual collection of wonderful, sharp, rocking Americana tunes...

love, mike

As You Were 

Hi all!

I posted some new music on the site....errrr...new in the sense that I posted them today. The songs in question are a bunch of old favorites from various past recording sessions from approximately 1995 to 2010. You can download the song "As You Were" for free!!!

Got some summer shows lined up with more to come....

New Time for Sunday 

Hi all!!!

I'm playing the 4th Street Vine this Sunday...and I'm going on the in the coveted 4 to 7pm slot!!!

You wouldn't want to miss it by an hour, would you?

I'll be playing some new tunes from the upcoming disc I've been working on....

Don't miss it!!!