From the recording Long Beach Calling

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Verse 1:
Long Beach Calling – Welcome to our town
Casual dress and skateboards all around
Long Beach Calling – What do you want to drink?
A few too many at Joe Jost’s, I think.

The temperature is rising and the sun is burning red
Container ships are clogging up the bay….
They’re pumping oil and selling blood
Queen Mary’s sinking in the mud
I’ll sit on Signal Hill until the sky starts falling….
Long Beach Calling.

Verse 2:
Long Beach Calling – stop and say Hello
With the coolest of the cool on Retro Row
Long Beach Calling – Heading out the door
With AREC running down thru Belmont Shore



Verse 3:
Long Beach Calling – I can’t tell you when
I’m stuck in traffic on the 710
Long Beach Calling – Put me on speed dial
I’ll meet you on the bike path with a smile


© 2018 Mike Jacoby