1. Smile

From the recording Long Beach Calling

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Tell no one - the time or place
For putting on your favorite face
The tragic look - the hollow glow
You’re beautiful but who would know?

Lights go down - it fits the mood
You walk the walk with attitude
You are the bomb and so you’ve heard
That Happy is a dirty word

You look better when you Smile
An Ordinary Smile
I love it when you Smile

Every day - you pray for rain
Each compliment is such a strain
And by the way - it’s by design
It’s all to gauge reaction time


Bridge #1:
You get so wrapped up in
Tell me - How this happened?

(Solo-then Chorus)

Bridge #2:
You get so down hearted
Tell me - How this started?

Perfect hair- Perfect eyes
A Perfect shape-A Perfect size
You shouldn’t fix what isn’t broke
But come on - Learn to take a joke

(Chorus- repeat)

© 2017 Mike Jacoby