From the recording Long Beach Calling

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Verse 1)
Well, look at all the gifts wrapped under the tree
A few for you and a few for me
Our very first Xmas – a pretty big deal
Such a wonderful, cozy, holiday feel

I got her all she asked for – went down the list
There wasn’t a single thing I missed
She loved all her presents – it was genuine
She wore a big smile when I opened mine

She got me Hangers – Plastic Hangers
They were nice – well worth the price
I love my Hangers – my Plastic Hangers
I sure needed those – to hang my clothes

Verse 2)
Twas a beautiful evening – such a Yuletide glow
She was careful to avoid the Mistletoe
Her family was lovely – it all turned out right
We sang a bunch of carols – then we said “Good Night”

I drove away thinking – How lucky I am
To have this sweet, sweet girl who doesn’t give a damn
I can’t wait till next year – I’ll open that box
Maybe I’m gonna – get me some socks

Chorus Repeat (with the added line: “time to retire – all that wire”)

© 2018 Mike Jacoby