1. BBQ Pit

From the recording Long Beach Calling

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I fell down in a hysterical fit
The very first word I spoke was “Shit”
I bounced around in the asphalt grit
Right outside the BBQ Pit.

It was 3 A.M. but the logs were lit
Not even the cops could make em quit
I’ve sure seen every type of tit
Going in and out of the BBQ Pit

Well I tasted blood when I tried to spit
so I went inside to get the First Aid Kit
I got into a helluva snit
With the management of the BBQ Pit

I was chomping on my anger bit
I was a Walter Raleigh stupid git
I was very inappropriate
And I struck a nerve, I must admit

If I don’t duck - I know I’ll get hit
If they kick my ass, I won’t be able to sit
If they throw my balls at the catcher mitt
Well, I’ll never go back to the BBQ Pit.

BBQ Pit (4x)

© 2006/2017 Mike Jacoby