From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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A song about separating oneself from a toxic family relationship. The feel of the song is inspired by the Drive-By Truckers.


Verse 1:
Clouds locked in and threaten rain
Flowers wrapped in cellophane
A multitude of Ghosts arrive – I hold my tongue
They act as if there’s nothing wrong
I battle thoughts that don’t belong
The drinks are flowing freely and the night is young

So I dove right in – to the water – it was warm
And I filled in “Dead” and handed back the form
The Calm Before The Storm (3x)

Verse 2:
Strike a match – then kill the flame
You’ve spent your life assessing blame
Believing all your grievances will set you free
Maybe – better – Face to Face
Or simply leave without a trace
Actions over words – easy as 1,2,3

Verse 3:
Welcome to – what’s done is done
The Ghosts have gone – they’ve had their fun
Denial is only thing that’s left to try
The clouds break open – rain pours down
From this point on – I’m not around
I’ll save my good intentions and I will not cry
Chorus and repeat