From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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Another in a long line of fractured relationship songs in my oeuvre. I’m playing piano on this one.


Verse 1:
She puts up with nothing – she puts you in your place
She’s not one for romance – but still enjoys the chase
“Don’t follow me too closely” - is written on her face

Verse 2:
She’s sets off the whirlwind – she creates a spark
She blows it out so quickly – and leaves you in the dark
She was hiding in the bedroom – and lying in the park

She says yes – to impress
But she’s never going to stay
She gets high with goodbye
She’s Funny That Way
Strong and Independent
Superficial and afraid
Trading love for another lonely day
She’s Funny That Way

Verse 3:
She puts on the guardrails – she hits the heavy bag
She doesn’t do commitment – and that’s a big red flag
There’ll be no conversation – cause she doesn’t like to brag
Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
She fades into your memory – it seems so long ago
It could have been so beautiful – and now, we’ll never know
With “Sweet Home Alabama” playing on the radio
Repeat Chorus