1. Bend

From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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A funny song about a young man in Washington State yearning for a different life in a southern state. So he makes it all the way down one state to Oregon. Hehe….Art Baily shines on piano.


Verse 1:
I was raised at the top of the Great Northwest
Washington State sure got me stressed
I’ve never had direction – it never felt like home
I think I’ve found a place I can call my own

Lately I’ve been to Bend
I’ve been to Bend
I’ve been to Bend (2x)

Verse 2:
Walla Walla wasn’t kind to me
I couldn’t see the forest – always hit the tree
Before that I tried my luck in Kennewick
But I didn’t have the sap enough to make it stick
Repeat Chorus

Look at those Oregon Ladies
Ah - the stories I could tell
Like the smooth taste of Tillimook Cheese
These Southern belles sure treat me well
My mom thinks I’ve gone crazy
I tell her I’m having fun
It’s not like I’m melting in Medford
Or strung out in Beaverton

Verse 3:
Now the weekends’ coming up and the highway calls
I’ll take the Old 97’s down to Klamath Falls
I’ll park near the river and sit on a log
Enjoy a Session Lager and a chili dog
Repeat Chorus