1. Be Nice

From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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A different feel of a song – inspired by Tom Petty’s “You don’t know how I feel”. The song is about regret and reflection – trying to work things out with a significant other.


Verse 1:
Let’s let the silence speak
Let’s end this losing streak
Let’s find a way to start again
Let’s fix these photographs
Let’s do it all for laughs
Cause this is now and that was then

Chorus 1:
It’d Be Nice – to learn from what we know
It’d Be Nice – to feel the afterglow
It’d Be Nice – if all our dreams come true
It’d Be Nice – to dream them with you

Verse 2:
Let’s take this as a sign
Let go of yours and mine
Let’s take the time to get unstuck
Let’s trust the universe
Let’s undermine this curse
It could be fate – it could be luck

It’d Be Nice – a smile upon your face
It’d Be Nice – a world that’s filled with grace
It’d Be Nice – when love comes into view
It’d Be Nice – to be there with you

You’re on the other side
A heart like a moving target
A truth cutting to the bone
And - I should have known

Verse 3:
Let’s solve this mystery
Let’s change our destiny
Let’s paint the clouds and kiss the sky
Let’s turn this life around
What's lost can soon be found
Forever comes to those who try

Chorus 3:
It’d Be Nice – to finally understand
It’d Be Nice – walking hand in hand
It’d Be Nice – to wrap it all brand new
It’d Be Nice – to share that with you