1. If I Don't Fry

From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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Another song of regret – however, this one is goofy/funny about a guy on death row wishing he’d made different life choices. Again, Art Baily with a fad piano on it.


1) They call me “Lucky” on the block
And now I’m hanging by a thread
But you’re gonna see a grown man cry - If I Don’t Fry

2) I’ll send my last meal back
When that appeal goes through
And then time will stop flying by - If I Don’t Fry

Bridge: I’ll go and finish up my High School Education
Read the Bible with a new found dedication
Write my children every day
Teach em’ crime don’t pay

3) I ain’t done much good
Nope, the records clear
I swear I’ll never shoot another guy - If I Don’t Fry

4) I’ll flash my 5-tooth grin
I’ll thank my lawyer man
I’m gonna give being good a try - If I Don’t Fry

Bridge #2: I should be settled with a good, strong, honest woman
Out in the country where the free, clean air is blowin’
Not doing time behind these walls
Praying the governor calls….

5) They call me “Lucky” on the block
But noone’s saying that now
The guards are coming- yep, and I know why
Tell Ma goodbye.