1. Everything

From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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This one is another song of regret but from a different angle; a woman who is, no fault of her own, involved with an addict. One of the oldest songs on the CD – written many years ago.


1) Black hole fills in permanent- go past the bitter end
Waiting for the sunset- maybe feel alive again
She’s watching his demons- dance in single file
Tears are streaming down her face- she manages a smile

Giving and Giving up-
Everything (2x)

2) Mornings burn- the shakes return- bare skins a barbed wire fence
Thoughts are flowing, rapid-fire- but nothing’s making sense
She’s counting loose fragments- wasted on the bed
Tiptoes through the darkened room- he can barely raise his head

Bridge: A million miles to get to somewhere far away
A million ways of noticing how fast things fray
A million more illusions stay beyond repair
A million dreams dissolve into an empty stare

3) Black smoke forms around the eyes- his lips are tinged in blue
Panic roils the atmosphere- but none of this is new
She’s throwing out roses - in the fragile night
Nothing she can do or say will ever make it right