From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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This song was originally on Haymaker’s 2nd CD “Beyond the Break”. I was never happy with the arrangement so I redid it as an acoustic/violin up-tempo number.


Verse 1:
If you get out off that tightrope
Then I’ll stop spinning around the ferris wheel
I’ve lost sleep and I’m losing hope
You gave me the drop like it was no big deal

Chorus 1:
Maybe Just Maybe
I had it coming
I knew about the voices talking crazy in your head
Maybe Just Maybe
They’re after me instead
Maybe – Just Maybe

Verse 2:
If you’ll push back your timeline
Then I will love you until the cows come home
But I’ve seen a few warning signs
Driving back from your old friends house – all alone

Chorus 2:
Maybe Just Maybe
I had it coming
I didn’t even notice you were writing on the wall
Maybe Just Maybe
I don’t have far to fall
Maybe – Just Maybe

You got me pacing around the room
Underneath a cloud of impending doom
Sometimes I hate this stuff
Sometimes I’ve had enough

Verse 3:
If you’ve tone down your thunder
Then I’ll stop worrying about the sleet and rain
But I keep getting dragged under
What you call happiness sure feels like pain
Repeat Chorus 1:

Maybe Just Maybe (4x)