1. The Long Haul

From the recording THE LONG HAUL

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Ye Olde Title Track. Last song written for the CD. The song is about life’s journey and the things you pick up (or should be picking up) along the way. Ends with a nice long fade…as life sometimes does.


Verse 1:
You popped right out on your real birthday
They slapped you on the ass and you were on your way
Crawled around on the floor for a couple of years
Saw your daddy in handcuffs – your momma in tears
Lost in a maze of a public school
Did a bunch of stupid shit that you thought was cool
With your dumbass friends – the dumbass things they said
Not a care in the world – not a thought in your head

Life’s Hard – and that ain’t all
You burn those bridges and you scale that wall
Life’s a rollercoaster ride – watch it rise and fall
And Mister, when you’re in it
You’re in it for the Long Haul

Verse 2:
You wake up one day - they call you “adult”
There are no more excuses – they demand a result
They’ll check your name and your number when they check you out
And you’d better not show even a moment of doubt
Maybe fall in love – maybe walk down the aisle
Maybe bottle up your heart and drift awhile
But the clock keeps ticking – there’s no time to lose
You’ve never walk in anybody’s else's shoes
REPEAT CHORUS (“And Honey, when you’re in….”)

Verse 3:
Now you’ve seen resistance – you’ve blurred some lines
You’ve had your head handed to ya – a number of times
Ya know, the house never loses – the dealers don’t quit
And if you can’t spot the mark – then you’re probably it
So take a good, hard look – take a good, long drink
You’re the only one who can make yourself think
Find some room to maneuver – try to do what’s right
Then go blow it all out on a Saturday night…

Life’s Hard – so have a ball
A little amnesia mixed with alcohol
Life’s a knockdown, drag out, bust up brawl
And Mister, when you’re in it
You’re in it for the Long Haul