From the recording Rocket Fuel Logic


1) In the land of milk and honey where the critics all agree
You have to con your conscience to avoid a near catastrophe
Try getting with the program it’s politically correct
And pretty soon you end up one more nasty nervous wreck
Before you run you have to crawl
You know it oughta be a law
The slightest push shouldn’t make you fall
You know it oughta be a law
There Oughta Be A Law
2) Surrounded by the hoopla in a burning ring of fire
You can’t avoid confusion and it’s impossible to fake desire
Now helpless gets you nowhere and whining makes you weak
And who will be the next in line to steal your turn to speak
3) Now all your old suspicions eventually come back
You earn some extra bonus points by playing dumb or losing track
It’s rocket fuel logic it’s ignorance is bliss
And don’t you get the message no one gets away with this