From the recording Rocket Fuel Logic


1) You don’t have to make any rules
Or put my past due bills in one neat stack
And please stop loaning out my tools
I never seem to ever get them back

There’s a wall between us – something went wrong
There has to be more to this then just getting along
We gotta start some place and we may not get far
But I’m Ready….
I’m Ready When You Are

2) You don’t have to take the wheel
Or leave the room when Uncle Frank drops by
You’ve never asked me how I feel
I feel our love is over and I don’t know why

We can walk in the moonlight-or fight until dawn
Find the thread of contentment – or admit it’s gone
Maybe pin our hopes on some shooting star
But I’m Ready….
I’m Ready When You Are

I’m ready for the ride, ready for some kind of trust
I’m ready for the rain to come damp down the dust
Or maybe there’s sunshine and big skies of blue
I’m ready for life I was meant for with you

3) I know it’s not easy living with me
I know there are times when ugly words slip out
So please accept my apology
I’ll need your help to get through these moments of doubt

We’ve both had to live with a broken heart
We can either fall in love or fall apart
It’s going to take time now to heal that scar
But I’m Ready….
I’m Ready When You Are