1. Here And Now

From the recording Rocket Fuel Logic


Verse 1:
The bones get brittle past a certain age
I need big letters just to read the page
My backs getting worse – my hairs turning grey
And there’s no going back to yesterday

I’m Here
I’m Here in the Here and Now (2x)

Verse 2:
Did Aunt Mille drink? Uncle Bob gunned down?
Hell, maybe great grandma slept around
A bunch of bad fruit on my family tree
But that don’t really matter much to me….

Takes one to know one
And I’ve known a few
You can say whatever
But that don’t make it true

Verse 3:
I know I’ve screwed up – I know what went wrong
I remember every place where I didn’t belong
But at the end of the day – with the setting sun
I won’t lose sleep over what I’ve done

Chorus and repeat