From the recording Rocket Fuel Logic


1) Ten miles north of nowhere - where the sagebrush meets the swamp
Where the vultures all are hungry and the coyotes love to chomp
There’s a house that’s barely standing - it’s the only thing in town
And if you take a deep, deep breath, the smell will knock you down

In Resume Speed, Texas
There’s a pissed off and ornery man
Resume Speed, Texas
Come on up and see me when you can….

2) I make all the laws and I post up the traffic signs
I set up all the speed traps and I pocket all the fines
I’m a golden plated SOB - and I always get my due
I’m the mayor, I’m the Sheriff - I’m the Judge and Jury too –


Front yard’s filled with snakes and oil drums
Surrounded by barbed wire and armed bums

3) I keep a box of photographs of each of my ex-wives
I met em all on welfare lines or dimly lighted dives
They started out as blushing brides; turned into nervous wrecks
I include a case of Xanax with the alimony checks

Back yard’s filled with smoke from grease fires
Rusted engines - mountains of old tires

4) If I take a shine to you – you’ll get to spend the night
There’ll be beer and booze – a ton of weed and my girls will treat you right
You’ll wake up Sunday morning - well hung-over in the pews
I’ll be screaming from the pulpit that the Devil wears yours shoes